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Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust Ltd and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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Welcome to the Organic Trust Website

The Organic Trust is the organic certification body of choice for the professional organic producer which is why the Organic Trust logo features on the bulk of Irish-produced organic products in Ireland. Go to the About Us section to find out more..

Latest News

News | 13 Mar 2018

Update on Avian Flu HPAI H5N6

Please see attached update on the situation with AI since our last update on the 8th March – summarised as follows:

Event | 08 Jan 2018

Dedicated Organic Marts for 2018

The following is a list of dedicated organic marts for 2018. This will be updated on an ongoing basis.

News | 07 Dec 2017

Organic Demonstration Farm Walks

The first of the new season of organic demonstration farm walks took place in Co Laois on 6th December. Tom Dunne showed a group of over 80 around his beef farm, including Minister of State Andrew Doyle. Organic Trust inspectors Aine Gordon and Mark Hackett…

News | 01 Nov 2017

Organic Demonstration Farm Open Days 2017-2018

The Organic Trust is pleased to publish the 2017-2018 schedule of Organic Demonstration Farm Open Days which can be accessed from link below.

About Us

The Organic Trust was founded in Ireland in 1991 by a core group of dedicated organic producers including some of the pioneers of organic production in Ireland. The Trust was established as a voluntary non-profit making organisation to provide a credible system of organic inspection & certification on which the consumer can depend. The overall aim or mission of the organisation is to maintain the integrity of food labelled as 'organic' and to assure the consumer that organic food carrying the Organic Trust logo was produced in compliance with strict organic standards. High standards of organic production and an inspection system built on a very detailed knowledge of organic production are the pillars of the Organic Trust.

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SuperNemos is a biological control product containing microscopic beneficial nematodes (found in healthy soil) which are specially formulated to aggressively pursue several or different groups of insect pests. SuperNemos are capable of controlling several target pest species that have part of their life cycle in the soil or compost.

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